Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weds 8th - Boga and Kyabaganzi

Today we had soldiers for breakfast. They were looking for a father who was hiding his son, because the son had broken the law. It was suggested that the soldiers look for the father at the hospital, where he works. We had bread and peanutbutter, honey, bananas, tea and eggs for breakfast. We did not share with the soldiers.

The house is on the grounds of the Cathedral of the Diocese of Boga. There is a hospital, several schools and housing for perhaps 40 families. The schools serve 768 primary school students in only 12 classrooms, so there are split classes, morning and aft. (pic 2) There are 459 students in the secondary school. Tuition is irregular but it helps to support the school. When parents cannot pay, the children just stop coming to school. During the 2006 war, the library was plundered. They are looking for ways to restock the books.

The hospital itself dates back to Belgian occupation and termites are slowly eating the wood which holds up the roof. They have begun to build a new infirmary that will be clean and termite-free. (pic 1) (wish I could figure out the picture posting thing...) This was a real sign of progress and reconstruction in an area where there is still conflict in the bush not far away. More in next post.

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