Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bunia, the market and Istha.

Arrive Bunia Thurs 11th 5:00 pm. I'm covered in dust and tired. Tomorrow is another day.

Friday brings John on his moto with laptop - needs new batteries. Must find in US. The afternoon is a trip to ... buy a cell phone for me, and to the Marche/Market. Maybe 150-200 stands selling food stuffs - root vegetables have section, likewise grains, spices, fruits and there are meat vendors, chicken coops ... whatever you can imagine. No pics of Bunia, photos strictly prohibited by gov't. If you are caught you can be charged as a spy. Not even worth trying to take pic, I think. The three ladies led me through the streets, past many many vendors. Who doesn't love shopping! Had a good time!

My impression: It looks like Bunia is beginning to thrive. Many buildings have fresh coats of paint. More businesses are open than in May 2008. A new hotel has been built for the mzungus, complete with running water and a/c. I was really happy to see the new life and vitality that I think I saw.
Again I have to thank Mugisa Isingoma and her family, the Archbishop, of course, and daughters who I met there. I'm a little hesitant to give their names without permission, just know that they really made me feel at home in so many ways. And I miss them.

Saturday visit to Istha. The Institut Superieure de theologie Anglican. Seminary and Bible College and pls. forgive if my translation is bad. The pics will probably go to the top of the post, sorry 'bout this... on the left, a group of students and others under a tree after worship (it was HOT hot!) and the new well that has been sunk so the students do not have to go far.

The school is dependent on donors who give what they can, not necessarily what is needed. Canon Sabiti, the dean of Istha, asked for prayers for the school and if possible, to tell others to pray so help wll come. One of the offerings for the pastors wives is pastoral counseling training so the wives can bring these skills back to their dioceses. The tuition is $2000 per year, includes student housing. After a service in the chapel, dinner (lunch) was brought to us. (fresh fish, chips and plaintains... and ... my new love, FANTA.) We had a good conversation about women's ordination, how does that work in the US, are there young women priests in USA? Good stuff. My French is getting better. Next stop... Kinshasa, via Hewa Bora airlines.


  1. Send my greetings to Bunia and the church there. My husband is from Bunia, but I was with the Anglican Church in Bukavu back in 2005 and stayed with the Archbishop Dirokpa. If you see him, tell him Sarah Buki says hi!!!

  2. Thanks Sarah - I'm back home now - Abp Dirokpa has retired and Isingoma Henri is the new archbishop. I hope that people from Bunia will read the blog and see your comment.
    best wishes,
    Pam Strobel.