Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gety and Isura - Thursday 11th March

church at Isura being rebuilt (above)

We left Boga for Bunia in the morning. I woke up to beautiful birdsong, thinking that the bird must be very close by. This lovely blue and white bird was sitting in the rafters singing it's heart out. Great breakfast, as always! Clear sky, cool breeze. This must be what Heaven is like. We visited the Diocesan Development office and received a detailed report about progress made and needs to be filled. All requests funnel to the Archbishop.

Porch at Boga, with Archdeacon John and Ven. Byaruhanga Kabarole, dean of Cathedral.

We stopped at Isura. There is a good sized church there, which is in process of being rebuilt. Yet all the people live in an internally-displaced persons camp not far away. It seems there is a militia camped on the other side of a not-too-far-away hill and there were stories of people being dragged into the bushes and raped. When we arrived, we received such a warm welcome! The hospitality of the Anglican Church here is so very genuine and almost overwhelming.
The archdeacon said that in 2005 he hid his theology books in the ceiling of the house where we had dinner (lunch), hoping that the militias would not find them. But the militias burned the roof first, and his library was lost.

We did visit Gety to see the cassava fields on the way home. Next post: Cathedral at Boga

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