Thursday, April 1, 2010


UFPPS with sewing machines supplied by Christ Church Greenwich Seabury Silent Auction.

The Holy Spirit is doing some amazing work here. With a grant from ERD, the diocese of Boga bought 4 hectares to plant cassava and bananas. We arrived to a warm welcome from the church and the UFPPS. We visited with the women of UFPPS under the tree. There were 6 women sitting uder the tree working on sewing machines. (Pics below) Then we set out for ... the garden! 4 hectares is a LOT! They burn the ground where the old crops were, then plant cassava. We walked over the burnt stalks and thru the bush... I thought we would never arrive...

Finally we arrive at the planting area. The wind is blowing in our direction and the smoke from the fire is ... in our faces. The women are working very hard to plant and harvest the cassava so they can sell it. The banana grove next to the cassava is producing many bananas, again for sale.
We returned to the tree by the church to find some shade and a bit of dinner (lunch).
Pictures below ... or above. sigh. Next: Yours truly has fun with the children!!! at Kyabaganzi. pics only.

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