Thursday, March 4, 2010

Still on the Way

Hi all.
Arrived Kampala Uganda Thurs afternoon... still fuzzy on the day of the week thing.
Travel = good. Staying at Namirembe christian Guest house behind St. Peter's Anglican Cathedral.

Met with Bp Henri who is on his way to Burundi for a meeting. He will meet us in Boga, his family home. I'm staying with them until we leave for Kinshasa on the 14th. And we will stay together in Kinshasha. Side trip to Kasai province while in Kinshasa. Time to google the map!
Nodetails, find out as we go.

It is so green here, 75 degrees, short rains. No snow. ;-) I overpacked. leaving a suitcase here.

blessings and peace, friends,

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  1. so good to read that you had a good journey and are in that wonderful warm air. we have had 55 for a couple of days and almost 60 today, so everyone's spirit has lifted. off to WT soon so will print your message to share with the group. we are so excited for you!!!!
    safe travel,