Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bunia to Boga

Friday, March 5: flight from Kampala Uganda on Mission Aviation Fellowship plane goes smoothly. Mugisa, Mama Archbishop, pastors and women from All Saints Church Bunia welcome me with singing. We drive to the church. The Mothers' Union gave a beautiful welcome singing in Swahili.
back to the Isingomas' compound for bath, supper and sermon-writing. Seems I am preaching in French at the 8 on Sunday! Well then...! Saturday was a full-day workshop for pastors and pastors wives, run by the Archdeacon John, who did a very fine work of leading. Topic was the role of pastors wife. Texts were the 2 creation stories in Genesis. PW's are to be helpers to the pastor in his ministry. I was honored to bring the Connecticut ECW donation of $2500 to the UFPPS - Union des femmes pour la paix et la promotion sociale - Women for peace and empowerment. This group has grown by leaps and bounds since 2008 - members are women who have been victims of violence themselves, widows, or touched by violence in any way. More in the trip to Boga. Stand-outs: the family I stayed with has evening prayers and hymn singing every night after supper and before bed. Very very moving.
In the not-so-moving department, the watchdog and 2 cats left little "presents" for me outside my room during the night. Don't know whether this was "we like you" or "we are waiting for you to leave."
the 8AM service at All Saints Bunia is in French, light attendance. During Lent the Holy Eucharist is not celebrated here. UFPPS prepared the dinner (lunch) of rice, cassava, plaintains liver and... choice of Coke or Fanta! Afternoon rest. Leave for Boga, the seat of the Diocese of Boga on Tuesday for 3 days. Monday is spent in French lessons with the provincial secretary. Hm. Next post: Boga.

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