Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting ready to go.

Take-off is 9 days away, 11PM 2 March, Emirates to Dubai, Dubai-Addis Abbaba, Addis Abbaba-Kampala, Uganda. Then Uganda-Bunia, Congo on Friday March 5.

Decided 'no' on the mosquito net and space blanket. Have collected everything I think I need and yet I know it will be 5 more trips to CVS, EMS and GNS.

I will be staying with Archbishop Isingoma and his wife Mugisa and their family in Bunia, eastern Congo. We will be travelling to Kinshasa, western Congo, for a conference from March 11-24. Then we return to Bunia for the rest of the month.
While we are in Kinshasa, we will take four days and travel to Kasai province, to visit the pastors there.

As we get closer to take-off, I'll write more.

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  1. Dear Mam. Pam,
    Thank you for your great blog. Both fascinating and uplifting to learn what people can do with so much faith and so little material.
    Look forward to more and your safe return.
    Blessings, Chris vK